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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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what we found. >> don't touch that. >> good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. what's that old expression, just fell off the back of a truck? >> check out what i found. name-brand stuff that looks like a real steal. and maybe it is. it's a story you'll only see on cbs 5. >> reporter: sunday morning at the flea market. 7 a.m. and shoppers are already out hunting for deals. from designer jeans to computers, bikes, perfumes, even lingerie. there's a bit of everything here. while some may be knockoffs, others look very real. like this jacket. the price tag is still on it. $230. but here, they're selling much cheaper. >> how much is it? >> one third. >> reporter: everything is on sale and according to the vendors, a lot of it is authentic. >> it's a brand name, and they're real? >> yes. >> reporter: we found evidence some of it may be coming from a
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retail store. >> uh-oh. this one has got the tag on it still. >> reporter: like this victoria's secret underwear with the store security hardware still on it. the boldness of what we saw at the delaney flea market in oakland surprised even the police. >> it is very bold. it's disturbing. >> reporter: san francisco police officer esparza watched our video. he says a lot of the merchandise may be stolen from retail stories, several upscale boutiques in downtown san francisco have recently been hit by a gang of teens known on the street as the rainbow girls. in palo alto, another gang of shoplifters recently pulled off an $11,000 bra heist at a victoria's secret store. >> you have people that commit the crime, people that sell them to these middle men. then you have the people who turn around and sell them to the people that are going to be selling them on the streets.
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>> reporter: we wanted to know what the sellers at the flea market had to say about it, so we headed to the stall with the victoria's secret merchandise. >> my name is ken bastida. i'm with cbs 5 here in san francisco. i wanted to ask you about some of the merchandise you have out on the table here. >> no. i'm sorry. no. you can't just take my video. you can't just take a video of me. >> i can, because this is a public place. but i want to ask you -- >> do not touch, please. >> don't touch the camera. >> you wanna take video? take video of something else, but not me. >> i just want to ask you about the stuff you're selling over here. can you answer where this stuff came from? >> no, because i didn't buy it. >> but you're selling it. >> so? i work here. >> do you know it's a felony to sell stolen merchandise? >> all i know is i work here. >> no, don't touch that camera. >> reporter: then it was on to the stall with the jacket. >> my name is ken bastida. i'm with channel 5. i just wanted to ask you about some of your equipment. >> i can't answer nothing. >> so all this stuff you have
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hanging here in your tent, this all looks brand-new to me. are they new? >> they're new. >> they're new jackets? >> yes. >> can you tell me where you got them? there's some allegations that some of this merchandise might be stolen. do you know anything about that? >> i don't know anything about that. >> so if i brought the police back, this would be okay? you could show them this merchandise and you'd be all right with that? >> i got the permits. >> reporter: he's right. sellers have to get permits through the state board. but the form doesn't ask for anything but a name and number. >> the state board is there just to collect sales tax. >> reporter: nassir manages the flea market for a company called no rcal. and where does he think they come from? >> storage containers. >> reporter: meanwhile, back at the flea market, you can see the individuals that were here when we showed up this morning not ten minutes ago have
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completely cleared out their space. that's the booth next door, but our booth, the one where we saw a lot of equipment, completely cleared out. i guess they were done for the day. >> it's just so brazen. you talked to the police, but really, are they doing anything? >> well, the police -- as far as we know, they're not doing much. we can't even talk to them actually. we've asked the oakland police department several times about what's going on there. they won't even return our phone calls about this, which is very disturbing, and our offer is still open to the opd. come and talk to us. tell us what's going on with the flea market. how come you're not down there finding the stolen property? >> and the flea market is every weekend? >> every sunday morning. >> wow. 52 weeks a year. ken, thank you. we'll keep an eye on this one. okay. enjoy it now, because it won't be dry for much longer. meteorologist paul deanno on when the rain is going to get here. >> that rain is delayed right now. it's supposed to be here by
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11:00. not even being picked up at all on high-def doppler but the rain is still poised to get here, just a little later than we thought. it is still marching toward northern california and the appear. but look at this. our futurecast says between now and sunrise, little if any rainfall, but look what happens after that. a lot of rainfall on friday. it will just be a little later than we thought. >> thank you, paul. chico state already had a reputation for being a party school. but tonight, all fraternities and sororities were shut down on campus. the decision comes after a series of problems with underage drinking, hazing and fights. the latest, the death of a student, who was pledging. the university says he tried to take 21 shots for his 21st birthday. mason, from the san diego area,
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suffered brain damage and died today. >> mason's loss has -- it has enabled me to provide a wake-up call for everybody. >> shutting down the system is shutting down the activities. >> eight years ago, after the hazing death of a student from concord, the campus president warned students there would be no second chance. fraternities and sororities can apply for reinstatement in the spring. we're learning more about what sounds like a terrifying night for two college women. they were hanging out in an apartment in san rafael when a man armed with a knife suddenly walked in. they wasted no time springing into action. cbs 5's elizabeth cook tells us about the knife night. >> reporter: ken, it was just a typical night for the 18- and 19-year-old young girls. they were sitting upstairs, watching tv, about 10:30, when all of a sudden an intruder broke into their front door.
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one woman dialed 911 while the other took him in in what must have felt like an epic battle. the struggle between the freshman and an intruder, armed with a knife, went from the tv room, in the hallway, down the stairs, through the kitchen, out the back door, then through the carport. it went on for several minutes. >> he terrorized these young women. >> reporter: and it ended with the girls stabbing the man multiple times with his own knife, in the face and upper body, bleeding and badly injured. he was able to get away. >> it was just a few minutes. >> reporter: this is a police sketch of the suspect. they say he has serious injuries to his face and torso from the fight and he may have to get emergency treatment. the girl who fought him off was treated for just minor injuries. and her roommate wasn't hurt. allison is a freshman at dominican university and couldn't believe one of her
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classmates fought off a violent criminal. >> it's pretty amazing how a woman can do that, especially here. we take self-defense classes and what not. it actually works out pretty well. >> reporter: here's another look at the suspect. he's 18 to 25, between 5-foot-4 to 5-foot-7 inches tall, prominent ears and don't forget about those knife wounds on his face and upper body. he is considered armed and dangerous. and san rafael police want anyone to call them with any information about his whereabouts. live in san rafael, elizabeth cook, cbs 5 eyewitness news. the prime minister of egypt will go to gaza in the next few hours. we've just learned that israel is prepared to hold its fire during his visit if the palestinians do the same. this battle between israel and hamas is happening under different circumstances. there is a new government in egypt, one that is generally more supportive of hamas.
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tonight, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the israeli consulate in san francisco to condemn the israeli attacks on gaza. a handful of pro-israel demonstrators were there as well. cbs 5 reporter allen is in tel aviv. >> reporter: throughout the day, they kept firing rockets back. warning sirens sent civilians screaming for shelters. the tit for tat violence was called a targeted assassination. today more than a thousand people turned out for the funeral and vowed to hit tel aviv in revenge. hundreds of rockets were fired,
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most of which were intercepted. the rockets are relatively small, but hamas is thought to have as many as 10,000 of them. fire enough and some will get through. an israeli family of three was struck when one struck this apartment building 20 miles from gaza. there have been more than 750 this year. today benjamin netanyahu said israel won't tolerate any more. >> i hope that hamas and the other terrorist organizations got the message. if not, israel is prepared to take whatever action is necessary to defend our people. >> reporter: israeli ground groups are amassing along the gaza border. this is known as a party town. but normally bustling streets are practically deserted. cbs news, tel aviv. just step forward and say, yes, this is what happened. >> a bay area woman has been fighting to bring her best
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were killed when a freight n hit their parade float. at least four wounded war vets were killed when a freight train hit their parade float. it happened as wounded warriors were taking part in a parade through the city of midland, texas. an eyewitness says the float got stuck on the tracks.
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a union pacific spokesman said that the train was sounding its horn. a preliminary investigation shows the crossing gates and lights were working at the time. 30 years ago tonight, a teenage girl was murdered. it is one of the many unsolved cases here in the bay area. but this one is a little different, because detectives have always had a person of interest in the murder of deanna johnson. sharon chin tells us about the one simple thing that police need. >> reporter: if deanna johnson were alive today, she would be 44 years old. >> bubbly person, the big smile you see on her face, just a happy person. >> reporter: but tonight, there are no happy faces among friends and community members gathered at st. mary's church in vacaville. they're haunted by deanna's 30- year murder mystery. >> very difficult for the family. they moved. they no longer live here. for friends, definitely difficult. this whole town was rocked the
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day that deanna was murdered. >> reporter: deanna's parents reported the 14-year-old missing hours after they gave her permission to visit a friend's house seven homes away. there was a party going on. up to 50 unsupervised teenagers, with drugs, alcohol and fighting. the next day, deanna's strangled, beaten body was found near railroad tracks in her neighborhood. >> to lose a child is the worst possible thing anyone can go through. >> reporter: this song was written inspired by the belief that god made rainbows for her. her friends and community members hope it will inspire witnesses to speak up to finally bring her killer to justice. >> it's been this long. you think they would be over the fear, over the guilt. just step forward and say, yes, this is what happened. >> reporter: police tell me they've sifted through thousands of leads and have narrowed the investigation to one person of interest, who was an acquaintance at the party.
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despite a $50,000 reward, officers are still missing the witness testimony they need to move the investigation forward. police say even if witnesses do step forward, it all happened so long ago that they would have to sort through what's recollection and what's rumor. the original detectives on the case have since retired. the current investigators have been on the mystery for ten years. in vacaville, sharon chin, cbs 5. >> and deanna's friends tell sharon they know who the person of interest is and he lives in butte county now. they sometimes go to his home and rally outside his house to try to pressure him to go talk to police. remember all that pain at the gas pump a few weeks back? we were told that refinery outages were to blame. turns out we might have been fueled. a research firm told the state senate committee that many refineries were actually pumping out plenty of gas during times that they were supposedly offline.
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with just seven companies controlling 94% of the market in california, state senator leno says it is cause for concern. >> when a market place gets more and moreen concentrated, the opportunity for that market manipulation only increases. >> the study could not find enough evidence to prove collusion, but there's no watchdog agency in place to keep an eye on them. senator leno has launched an official investigation into the state's refinery system. time is running out for hostess. it's famously long shelf life could expire as soon as tomorrow. the giant behind twinkies and wonder bread gave striking workers an ultimatum. come back to work or it would be forced to liquidate its oakland bakery and others. the deadline came and went. the strikers kept on picketing. 18,000 people will lose their jobs if the company goes under.
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the next time you go to the movies, look around. >> because someone else may be watching you. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers tells us go see a spy movie and you might bump into a pirate. >> reporter: that's right. we're talking about movie pirates, people who sit in the theater and record movies and sell them on the street. they're coming to big blasters like twilight and this time investigators are going undercover to catch them. 007 wasn't the only spy in the theater the. private investigators working for the motion picture association of america were watching on surveillance video when police say a moviegoaer started recording the movie, a brazen act of alleged piracy that ended with him in cuffs. they say it's one of the best
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ways to catch movie pirates in the act. some theaters are installing surveillance cameras, and arresting pirates before they can sell their recordings on the street. >> how much are they? >> $5. >> reporter: the streets are where movie pirates make their profits. authorities tipped us off to this illegal operation in east oakland, where we found dozens of movies for sale, some still in theaters. nine out of ten movies like these are recorded in theaters before being uploaded online or packaged and sold on the cheap. >> here you go. thank you. >> 007. >> reporter: theaters are patrolling for pirates at midnight showings of block busters. one says it's a serious threat to the industry. these guys are sophisticated. we're out for the professionals who are out to make a profit. investigators will be watching. and despite the crackdown, the
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piracy goes on. we checked online and found many illegal copies of the latest twilight movie available online despite that crackdown, and that's before the movie had even premiered here on the west coast. we already told you it's going to get wet quite soon. but coming up, find out which tiny part of the weekend will likely stay dry. coming up, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first off, you won't believe what's going on about eight feet to my right. you'll see it in about two minutes what dennis and dana are doing right now. high-def doppler picking up just a few showers. all told, we're going to get about two inches of rainfall. alameda county, an inch and a half. santa clara county, likely totaling an inch and a quarter by the end of the weekend. this means snow in the mountains. most ski resorts will enjoy
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fresh snowfall. winter weather advisory in effect right now for the sierra. oakland currently 57. we're cloudy in santa rosa as well, 52. here's the setup. low pressure, we've been watching it for the past couple of days. finally moves on shore with our first wave of rainfall. about sunrise tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be a very soggy day. saturday will be a very soggy day at times. then on sunday, to start the day, we'll have another wave of low pressure move through, not clearing out until sunday afternoon. if you absolutely positively have to get outside and don't want to get rained on, i'd wait till about mid afternoon on sunday. otherwise, it will be wet for a while. you'll get some dry stretches in between, but plan on rain more than not for the next three days. we are trending dryer late sunday, and for the first part of next week we should be dry. get ready for the rain, show. livermore, 64. santa clara, 63. san jose, 63.
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antioch tomorrow, 64. mill valley, 61. we will be wet on the peninsula as well. showers continue saturday, early sunday. they will clear out late sunday. monday, tuesday, looking dry. back to the showers on wednesday. the first day you can go outside and get some crabs... we went out and got a little treat for the crew here. >> how big? >> it's very big! >> i've got the company credit card. can i get two pounds? just kidding. we'll take two. we're gonna get messy! >> yes, we are. >> i'll tell you what... >> it don't matter if you get messy when you're eating good crabs. can't do this in oklahoma. they don't have crabs. >> this is beautiful! >> very good. so you went down to -- >> the
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wharf. >> alioto's restaurant? >> yes. they're not cheap but i would submit it's that time of year and they're worth it. >> so they're saying their wholesale deal was about $3 a pound. >> i paid highly more than that. >> i bet you did. but i understand you can figure about $6 a pound. beginning tomorrow morning it will be available in most grocery stores. good stuff. we decided to cheat and have it tonight. >> really yummy? we'll be right back! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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prep football leads tonigh's sportscast. four schools gug for two spots in the thanksgiving turkey bowl.. san francisco prep football will lead tonight's forein the thanksgiving turkey day bowl. no chance against lincoln's demetrius. he rips off a 33-yard touchdown run. the mustangs are up 6-0. he also had 143 yards plus a punt return for a touchdown, a fumble recovery for a touchdown. he had four on the night. lincoln smelling turkeys! >> we stay undefeated. it's a blessing right here to
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get to where we wanted to be, and look where we're going, t- day. facing galileo, play of the night. the busted punt, all by design. antwan porter throws a 51-yard pass. mission vins 47-28. they will play lincoln on turkey day. as expected buster posey becomes the first catcher to win the most valuable player award. posey batted .336, 24 home runs. miguel cabrera won it in the american league. gym harbaugh was sent to the hospital yesterday with an irregular heart beat. he was admitted to stanford hospital today where he had what is being called a minor procedure. 29 years ago, former cal quarterback steve helped the falcons beat the 49ers on this
11:31 pm
hail mary. but billy johnson was definitely down before he got to the end zone. so last night, he revealed a deep secret about that play. >> we had one of the guys on our team, a backup linebacker, played special teams for us, his uncle was the back judge who made the call. i'm not gonna say they had something going on there, but it was kind of ironic that one of the guys that played on our team, his uncle was the back judge. >> home cookin'. 29 years for us to find out what really happened. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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mmm! >> that crab is good. brought back memories of crazy crab. >> that was the giants mascot. the most hated mascot. >> but he's on the club level now. they've got him on the display case. >> alive and well, right next to laughing sal. >> i like the fresh stuff we had tonight better. >> very tasty, very sweet, delicate, yummy. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> york, the greatest city in the world,


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